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NDP3 Series Distribution Box
By:Nader Updated:February 14,2020 21:43PM


Applicable to the indoor environment with the AC 50Hz or 60Hz, and the rated working voltage of 440V at temperature usually no more than 35℃ and occasionally up to 60℃. They are used for protecting circuit breakers, switches, sockets and other electrical accessories from external impacts (such as mechanical shock, invasion of liquid substances). They are widely used in the electrical accessory housing of fixed electrical installation in the domestic and construction applications.


◆ Environmental protection materials are well-formed.
◆ Open the transparent/opaque door with a transparent/opaque cover: turn on the plastic surface cover upwards 90 degrees: insulated and flame retardant materials.
◆ The classic white is suitable for any color decoration style.
◆ Metal box body, made of 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate, surface processing with the electrostatic spraying technology, durable,
with excellent corrosion resistance. To be used for concealed installation, the bottom box is designed with/without knock-down holes and ground poles to meet different users’ demands.


NDP3 series of distribution box has obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for products.

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