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NDB6AZ-63 Series Miniature Circuit Breaker
Updated:August 07,2020 10:23AM

Small body just 1U; Rated current including: 6A 10A 16A 20A 25A 32A 40A 50A 63A; Rated operational voltage (Ue): 80VDC 230/240VAC; Rated limit short-circuit breaking capacity Icu: 10.0kA(80V DC) 6.0kA(6-16A 230V/240V AC) 4.5kA(20-63A 230V/240V AC).



Description of NDB6AZ-63 Series

NDB6AZ-63 series are the high-performance circuit breakers, be born only for 5G telecom industry. Based on Nader's technical advantages in R&D and manufacturing of high-end circuit breakers, combined with the advantage of HUAWEI and Samsung electronics in 5G communication technology and rich application experience, association between strong enterprises so that can take advantage of each other's strengths has developed this series products.



Features of NDB6AZ-63 series

  • The length is reduced from 3U to 1U.
  • 63 patented technologies have been used.
  • The opening and closing button is innovated to make the opening and closing more safe and reliable.
  • Innovative connection mode, safe and fast.


Technology data

Technology data of NDB6AZ-63 series

Parameter name Specific parameter description

Rated voltage (V)

80V DC  230V/240V AC

Rated breaking capacity (kA) 10kA(80V DC)  6.0kA(6-16A, 230V/240V AC)  4.5kA(20-63A, 230V/240V AC)
Electrical endurance (times) 4,000 times
Mechanical life (times) 6,000 times
Insertion frame force (N) ≤80 N
Pull out frame force (N) ≤75 N
Plug depth (mm) 23~25 mm
Stripping length (mm)

0.75~6mm²: 12~18 

10mm²: 14~18 

16mm²: 18±1

Cold pressed end Length (mm)

0.75~6mm²: 10~16 

10mm²: 12~16 

16mm²: 16±1

Wiring area (mm²)

Bare wire: 0.75~16 

Ferrule with plastic sleeve: 0.75~10 

Ferrule without plastic sleeve: 16 

Cross-sectional area of ferrule: 1.3mm≤Length≤6mm, 1.3mm≤Width≤6mm. 

Insulation sleeve or heat shrinkable tube diameter ≤9.5mm when ferrul is inserted into 25mm depth.


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Questions & Answers for NDB6AZ-63 series

  • What is the function of miniature circuit breaker?
    A Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is an automatically operated electrical switch used to protect low voltage electrical circuits from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit.
  • What is miniature circuit breaker how it works?
    A miniature circuit breaker (MCB) automatically switches off the electrical circuit during an abnormal condition of the network means in overload condition as well as faulty condition. Nowadays we use an MCB in a low voltage electrical network instead of a fuse. Handling an MCB is electrically safer than a fuse.
  • What is mean by miniature circuit breaker?
    miniature circuit breaker: a small trip switch operated by an overload and used to protect an electric circuit, esp a domestic circuit as an alternative to a fuse.
  • How does a house breaker work?
    Inside each circuit breaker is a spring hooked over a small piece of solder (a melt-able fusible alloy). Each breaker is connected to an electrical wire that runs through your house. The electricity that flows through your house runs through the solder.
  • What is the advantage of miniature circuit breaker?
    MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is a circuit breaker with optimum protection facilities of overcurrent and short circuit only. Its basic function is to detect the fault condition and interrupt the current flow. it avoids overheating in case of excess current & provides fire protection.
  • What is the difference between MCCB and MCB?
    MCB is miniature circuit breaker which is used to break small currents. Like in domestic LT circuits. The ratings usually end up to 100 A. MCCB is a Module case circuit breaker which has a rugged construction as it can break larger currents usually from (100-1000A).