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Wind Power generation

By:Nader Updated:August 18,2022 14:47PM

Faced with increasingly serious environmental problems, it is already a common knowledge to strive to develop renewable energy represented by the wind power. In recent years, wind power in China has entered the era of large-scale exploitation and utilization with the installed capacity leading the world, which has already become the third largest power supply next to the thermal power and hydropower.

Promoting the development of offshore wind power, wind-solar hybrid, and the complementary use model of wind power and hydropower will become the development trend in the future. With large-scale development of the offshore wind power and technical progress in the future, the market share of the high power converter will gradually increase. Besides, yaw system, pitch system, converter system and other product configuration schemes are widely favored by markets.

The operating environment of the wind power industryishigh temperature, low temperature, high elevation, harsh coastal environment. In remote areas, the wind power system requires a higher level of automation with safety, reliability, and long service life. Based on the system requirements for the wind power industry, we are keeping ongoing study on optimization of mechanical structure and electrical components. With many years of field experience and technology accumulation, we have developed a dedicated frame circuit breaker NDW2F series, NDB2 series, NDU for the wind power, which is more responsive to the requirements of wind power industry. Our customers include Emerson, Rene, Goldwind, Hopewind, Sungrow Power Supply, and can provide customers with the better user experience with specific products and efficient services.


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