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Power Transmission and Distribution

By:Nader Updated:January 17,2020 23:17PM

  In various links of “Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Use” from production to use of the electric energy, low-voltage electrical appliances are required for reliable protection. The power industry has been pursuing the goal of stable and reliable, safe and intelligent power distribution. No matter in industrial plants or buildings, the operation of various systems depends on safe and reliable supply of the electric power; even transient blackouts may also cause serious consequences. To do this, you need to provide a wide range of products and systems to cope with various accidents, thus meeting your safety requirements. Shanghai Nader distribution products are used in various control and protection equipment in power plants, substations and low-voltage distribution rooms, which play an important role for reliable power protection.


  The transmission and distribution industry covers almost every aspects. With the development of technology, there are increasingly more demands on intelligence, remote monitoring and multifunction for power generation enterprises, power grid enterprises and industry enterprises with large demands for electricity. With the strong and complete product & solution system, sales network covering the whole country and rapid-response service mechanism, Nader ensures that customers can use the electric power safely, conveniently and efficiently. For example:Guodian Nanjing Automation, XJ Group, Beijing Sifang and other customers are provided with the full range of products and differentiated solutions.