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NDU Series Surge Protector
By:Nader Updated:February 16,2020 21:07PM


The NDU series surge protector (SPD) is used for the surge protection caused by lighting or other transient overvoltage, thus limiting the voltage by discharging the large surge current on the power line to the ground. It is suitable for power protection of the industry, construction, civil aviation, finance, security, telecommunication, port and other systems. It can suppress the instantaneous overvoltage amplitude for lighting and operation overvoltage, and discharge surge energy, thus protecting safety of the system circuit and equipment. The NDU3 surge protector can be installed in the LPZ0B/LPZ1 area with lightning protection for protecting the direct lightning that isn't attenuated with the overhead line in the power distribution system with the AC 50/60Hz and rated working voltage of 220/380V.


◆  Maximum discharge current: 120KA (8/20 waveform), high-energy surge protection
◆  Maximum continuous working voltage of different products: 255V~550V, DC600V, DC1000V for DC products
◆  Built-in failure thermal tripping device for more safe use
◆  3+1 and common cabling types available, applicable to different grid types
◆  The standard 35mm guide rail installation is supported
◆  Pluggable module design for maintenance and replacement
◆  With the failure indication and remote communication interface (with the NO and NC contacts)
◆  With the anti-inverse mechanism


NDU series of surge protector has obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for products.