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How to choose a household circuit breaker?

By:Nader Updated:August 13,2020 17:34PM

It refers to household purposes: to protect civil lighting distribution system or circuit breaker. The capacity of lighting circuits are generally not large, usually used as a molded case circuit breaker protection means mainly used to control lighting circuits under normal conditions and breaking, and to provide overload and short circuit protection. At present, more popular home is a small circuit breaker molded case circuit breakers, such as NDB1-63 series,  NDB1-125 series,  NDB1L-32 series, residential buildings, office buildings are made of this kind of circuit breaker. Preferences which the following principles:

(1) illumination circuit breaker should have a long time delay protection overcurrent release, current release of the load current setting value calculation is equal to or slightly less than the line.

(2) Instantaneous overcurrent release breaker setting value should be equal to six times the load current line is calculated.