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What are the precautions for choosing a vacuum circuit breaker?

By:Nader Updated:August 13,2020 17:34PM

Selection of a vacuum circuit breaker, generally the following aspects should be considered:

1. Place frequent operation. Should be preferred vacuum circuit breaker for switching a capacitor bank, control the high voltage of the motor, the control and protection of electric transformers, electric trains and the like.

2. Preferably "integrated" structure. In the case of meet the operating conditions and operating environment, preference should be given "integrated" structure, try to avoid using the "split" structure.

3. 10kV voltage level is preferably a vacuum circuit breaker. Considering the reduced operating and maintenance costs, noise, and miniaturization fire requirements, 10kV voltage level in the power supply system should be given priority in selection of the vacuum circuit breaker.

4.  Use of a vacuum interrupter should meet the standards. Selection vacuum interrupter should meet the DL / T 402-2007 "AC high voltage circuit breaker order technical conditions" and DL / T 403-2000 "12kV-40. 5kV voltage vacuum circuit breaker ordering technology" and other standards. Its electrical and mechanical performance are:

4.1. After cutting the short circuit current, breakdown voltage level should not be reduced.

4.2. Meet the inductive loads, the carrier should be able to withstand an overvoltage.

4.3. A non-effectively grounded system, should a failure EARTH by breaking test.

4.4. Closing bounce time is less than 2ms, and the magnitude of the rebound opening currentless intervals autoreclosure product technical conditions should be met. 5) should have sufficient mechanical life (typically 10,000) and electrical endurance (rated current cutoff of 10,000 times, the rated short-circuit current is cut into 20 to 50 times). The need for undervoltage protection, with the use requirements.