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Commercial Building

By:Nader Updated:August 18,2022 14:45PM
China's urbanization rate (57.35% in 2016) is still low relative to the developed countries (>80%). Driven by the accelerating factors of urbanization process, China's urban scale and construction are facing new demands. On the one hand, construction of the new urban district in a city needs the supporting commercial real estate to pull up the value of the whole plot and build the new urban district; on the other hand, transformation of the old urban district in a city needs to take the commercial real estate into more consideration in terms of the development direction based on the land premium. Therefore, the scale of commercial real estate investment will be a heavy-volume expansion stage in the future. It is estimated that the scale of China's commercial real estate investment can break 2.3 trillion Yuan by 2020.

The commercial building includes thepower supply part, mechanical and electrical equipment, fire protection system, etc. Emphasizing on the selective protection, safety and reliability, green and environmental protection as well as easy maintenance, Nader serves high-end commercial real estate customers for many years to solve pressure and challenges for customers. It can provide a variety of personalized solutions for the commercial building system to ensure the safe, green and low-cost use of electricity. Nader can provide a full range of EU ROHS compliant products to protect the health of customers. For example, in Wanda's Oriental Studios project, Naderprovides a full range of distribution products,,thus providing the comprehensive protection for low-voltage parts of the customer's electrical system.


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