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NDW3-2500 Air Circuit Breaker
By:Nader Updated:May 15,2020 17:52PM


"The NDW3-2500 universal circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) can be applied to the distribution network with the AC 50Hz/60Hz, the rated current of 630A~2500A, the rated insulation voltage of 1000 V, the rated working voltage of AC220V/230V/240V, AC380V/400V/415V, AC440V/AC480V, AC660V/690V for distribution of electrical energy and protecting circuit and power equipment from overload, under-voltage, short circuit, single phase grounding and harm of other faults, and can also be used as isolation switch at the same time. The circuit breaker has multiple protection functions. It can realize the highly accurate selective protection to avoid unnecessary power failure, and improve the reliability and security of the power supply system.


◆  Various controllers are optional
KM—Conventional function, digital tube display, practical function and simplicity, can adapt to the low-temperature places, and with optional voltage measurement function;
KY—Conventional function, LCD display, multiple and diversified functions, with optional voltage and harmonics measurement and protection functions. Applicable to
high-end application places, and more powerful for the intelligent system;  
◆  Measurement and protection: With current, voltage, frequency, phase sequence, power, power factor and harmonics measurement functions as well as the current,
voltage, frequency, phase sequence and power protection functions;
◆  Current protection features:: A variety of overload long-time delay protection, a variety of short circuit short-time delay protection, short circuit transient protection, ground protection,
neutral line N-pole protection, current unbalance protection, MCR circuit breaker making capacity protection;
◆  Maintenance function: With fault record (8 times), historical current peak record, contact wear equivalent, query of operation times,
clock function, self-diagnostic function, test function and fault display function;
◆  With a remote reset device, realize remote recovery after fault tripping of the controller.


The NDW3-2500 universal circuit breaker has obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for products.