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What are the precautions for maintenance of low-voltage air circuit breakers?

By:Nader Updated:August 12,2020 11:52AM

Pay attention to the following aspects when overhauling low-voltage air circuit breakers:

  1. to ensure the safety distance between the conductive portion and the ground portion outer low voltage air circuit breaker is mounted adjacent electrical interrupter, mounted to prevent leakage breaker arc separator plate . Only strictly "Low automatic air switch Service Procedure" installed in claim separator plate arc, low-pressure air circuit breaker can be put into operation. Otherwise, it is easy to arcing during the cutting circuit, causing phase short circuit.
  2.  a low pressure air circuit breaker to be checked periodically with a signal indicative of the circuit points, if the closing state match check the busbar connection point or line absence overheating. To completely remove the dirt in a timely manner on the circuit breaker when the low-pressure air inspection surface, to affect the operation and performance of the insulation. After a power failure, to remove the arc chute integrity check arc grids, and remove traces of smoke metal powder surface. Shell should be intact, if damaged, should be replaced.
  3. low voltage air circuit breakers to carefully check the dynamic and static contact, the contact surface found burrs and metal particles should be cleared up trimmed to ensure good contact. If the contact surface of the silver-tungsten alloy burning than 1mm, should be replaced.
  4. to carefully check the presence or absence of pressure in the low pressure air circuit breaker contacts overheating and failure, timely adjustment of the position and pressure of the three-phase contact, three phases simultaneously to keep it closed, to ensure complete contact surface, the contact pressure uniform. Slowly by hand points, closing, checking off the auxiliary contacts, whether the operating state of engagement "Low-voltage automatic air switch maintenance procedures" requirements.
  5.  low voltage air circuit breaker to fully check the connection and release of the spring is normal activities, the operation should be no jamming, the electromagnet should be clean smooth surface of a working electrode, no rust, dirt and burr; see each part of the heat generating element has no damage, the gap meets "Low-voltage automatic air switch maintenance procedures" requirements. If not normal circumstances, should be cleaned or adjusted. Also regularly lubricated friction for each site to ensure its proper operation, reliable operation.