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How to reduce the mechanical noise of the motor?

By:Nader Updated:August 12,2020 11:51AM

Mechanical noise is noise, bearing noise and the noise caused by mechanical factors caused by the processing of the imbalance of the rotor of the motor is generated. Under normal circumstances, the motor mechanical noise is the main source of noise. Electrician learning network Xiao Bian made the following analysis:

  1. The mechanical noise control method rotor imbalance generated. Rotor unbalance should be minimized as far as possible, otherwise the balance accuracy is low. Balance accuracy and motor size, nature and use conditions. E.g. marine motors bumps large, long running time, and suffered less vibration, balancing accuracy requirements teachings. Larger than the diameter and length of the rotor core, the greater the centrifugal force, ointments precision balance, the higher the rotor speed, higher precision balance.
  2. The main method of reducing noise in motor bearings are: note bearing selection, attention bearing radial clearance of the size, excessive radial clearance causes increased low-frequency noise, in short, too little clearance will result in a high frequency noise increased. Noise requirements for relatively high motor, should be used and low-noise bearing, when the load is small, which can use the sliding bearing oil, its noise and the same size may be small compared to the general rolling about 10db.
  3. To reduce motor noise, in addition to reasonable structural design, electrical network Xiaobian recommended learning science, advanced technology methods and process equipment, which for reduce vibration and noise of the motor is beneficial, of course, motor noise Research and lowering for further study and discussion. So in peacetime operations if the problem should be solved in time.