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NDB5 Series Hydraulic Electromagnetic Circuit Breaker
By:Nader Updated:May 15,2020 17:18PM


NDB5 circuit breaker for equipment is applicable to the rated current from 0.5A to 63A, up to 150A for multiple poles in parallel. In electric systems with the rated voltage not higher than AC230/400V, AC250V, AC480/277V (50/60Hz) or DC80V, the product can be used for infrequent making and breaking as well as overload and short-circuit protection. They are widely used in the computer and peripheral equipment, industrial automation system, telecommunication equipment, universal power supply system, UPS equipment, locomotive, marine electrical system, aerospace, elevator control system and mobile power supply equipment.


◆  With the adoption of the hydraulic magnetic tripping device, it integrates the overload tripping with the short-circuit tripping, which is also known as the electromagnetic circuit breaker;
◆  The tripping performance only depends on the magnetic flux generated by the current flowing through the coil, which is little affected by the ambient temperature change. Therefore, do not consider the reduced capacity due to high temperature;
◆  Cooling time is not required as the circuit breaker is not equipped with thermal elements, which can be re-closed immediately after the fault current disappears;
◆  Viscosity of the hydraulic oil is affected by the temperature change: With large viscosity and long delay time at low temperature, it provides sufficient additional time during startup of the cold-state equipment. With small viscosity and short delay time at high temperature, the circuit breaker can trip quickly to protect the heating load. Therefore, this "reverse time limit" facilitates the overload protection;