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Nader NEA intelligent switch cabinet opens the future of safe, reliable, intelligent and controllable power distribution

By:admin Updated:August 13,2022 14:57PM
In the digital era, different industries and different customers have increasing demands for independent and controllable power distribution and digital operation and maintenance. How can we achieve integrated, safe, continuous and intelligent power distribution?

Nader NEA intelligent switch cabinet, combined with its own products and technical advantages, has integrated design to make products more compatible and reliable. At the same time, it has a deep understanding of the needs of customers in different industries and provides more efficient and modular low-

voltage power distribution solutions.

Low voltage distribution cabinets are divided into incoming cabinet, contact cabinet, feeder cabinet, metering cabinet, reactive power compensation control cabinet, etc. according to functions.

Nader NEA intelligent switch cabinet involves a wide range of technical fields. With the maturity of fieldbus technology and wireless technology, low-voltage power distribution, control system and complete equipment also have new development trends, including new technical features such as miniaturization, intelligence, digitization, high protection, high reliability, modularization and environmental protection.

Safe and reliable, helping the data center to continuously power supply

The data center power supply system needs a continuous and reliable working power supply to ensure that the big data equipment can work continuously in a safe and reliable environment. The backup power supply solution is one of the common solutions in the data center industry, which requires a safe and reliable dual power conversion cabinet.

Nader NEA intelligent switch cabinet can be installed with ndq5 series automatic transfer switch and form a safe and reliable dual power cabinet to ensure stable, fast and accurate switching in the conversion process.

Combined with the delay conversion mode of ndq5 series inductive load safe conversion, the continuous power switching of the load can be realized through the parallel conversion mode to improve the power supply continuity of the customer system.

NEA intelligent switch cabinet with strength better than that of ordinary "C" profile can effectively support heavy-weight products such as ndq5 and make it work stably. Under special conditions, it can also meet the requirements of magnitude 9 earthquake intensity and is most suitable for data center applications.

At the same time, the customer selects Nader Intelligent Cloud power distribution, which can solve the wireless communication in the cabinet through WiFi and other communication methods to better help the customer's background operation and maintenance management.

Flexible combination to meet building installation and maintenance

The power distribution room of the building has become diversified and complex due to the space design of the building, especially the power distribution room of the high-rise building, which is limited in space.

Many power distribution rooms are designed on the ground floor or in the basement, which brings more difficulties in installation, maintenance and replacement of power distribution products, and daily patrol inspection is also inconvenient. Therefore, the requirements for miniaturization, intelligence, maintainability and convenient operation and maintenance of power distribution cabinets are increasingly high.

Nader NEA intelligent switch cabinet provides a scheme with three frames and a minimum width of 400mm in combination with customer requirements, with large capacity density and small volume. Under specific conditions, it can be upgraded and maintained with electricity to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment. The drawer is equipped with a standard pushing mechanism to save the operation of inspectors. The interlocking mechanism and valve are designed to ensure safe operation.

Nader's intelligent platform - lightweight solution not only meets the basic requirements of customers, but also is more suitable for the transformation of the stock market, helps customers upgrade their performance, and greatly reduces the cost of daily inspection and operation and maintenance of customers.

Under the double carbon goal, with the continuous improvement of the degree of electrical intelligence, Nader NEA intelligent switch cabinet comprehensively protects customers' self controllable, safe and efficient power distribution through data visualization and functional integration, and shares a low-carbon innovation road with customers.