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Why doesn't the air switch trip when the wires are burning?

By:Nader Updated:August 26,2020 20:33PM

The function of the circuit breaker in the circuit is to automatically break the circuit when overload, short circuit and voltage loss exceeding the allowable limit occur, and to make and break the circuit infrequently under normal conditions. The function of the wire should be able to carry the needs of the maximum load current, and should be able to withstand a certain mechanical tension and withstand a certain voltage.

The problem now is that the air switch does not trip when the wires are burned. Based on this analysis as follows:

1. The current-carrying capacity of the wire is selected incorrectly. The selection of wires generally must comply with factors such as safety, accuracy, and resistance to mechanical tension. The safe current carrying capacity of the wire should generally be greater than 1.5 times the rated current of the electrical load. Different wires should be selected according to the wiring of the device. Such as plastic sheathed wire, plastic cable wire, single strand, multiple strands of plastic copper core, aluminum core and other wires. Different wires should be selected according to different places. Such as dust, high temperature, humidity, cultural and entertainment venues, and stages have different requirements. The selection of wires should preferably meet the national standards. Fake wires should be refused installation. Electrical installation must understand electrical requirements. It is necessary to know the maximum rated current of electricity to correctly select the wire specifications that meet the requirements.

2. The wrong rated current of the air switch is selected. When the wire has burned due to heat and the air switch does not trip, it means that the rated current of the air switch is selected incorrectly. The air switch in the line is the main power switch. The general selection principle of the rated current of the air switch is 1.2 times of the total rated current of the line electrical appliances. If the selection is too large, when there is an overload in the line, the air circuit breaker will delay or even refuse to move. This air switch does not work. If the switch is too small, it will trip and affect normal use. In addition, attention should be paid to the adaptability of the place when selecting an air switch. The adaptability of the rated current should be considered when selecting the air switch. Different air switches are selected in terms of breaking capacity, sensitivity and fast action.

3. There may be irregularities in the wiring device. The installation should be standardized in the circuit. Follow the electrical pressure regulations and perform electrical installations as required. In addition, it should also comply with the low-level requirements during acceptance to ensure safety.