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What is the high voltage circuit breaker used for?

By:Nader Updated:August 17,2020 15:47PM

High-voltage circuit breakers play two roles in the power grid: one is the control function, that is, according to the needs of the grid operation, some electrical equipment or lines are put into or out of operation (opening and closing the normal working current); When the equipment or power line fails, the relay protection or automatic device will send a trip signal to open the circuit breaker, and quickly remove the faulty equipment or line from the grid to ensure the normal operation of the fault-free part of the grid (disconnect short-circuit current) .

In the power system, the high-voltage circuit breaker can cut off and switch on the no-load current and load current in the high-voltage circuit, and can also cooperate with the protection device and the automatic device in the case of a system failure to quickly cut off the fault current, prevent the expansion of the accident, and ensure the system Safe operation.

The high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for 10-35kv, single three-phase power system, used for dividing and closing load current, overload current and short circuit current. The overall structure is a porcelain bottle pillar type, the upper porcelain bottle is an arc-extinguishing chamber porcelain bottle, the vertical arc-extinguishing chamber is installed inside, and the lower porcelain bottle is a pillar porcelain bottle. The three-phase porcelain bottles are installed in a mechanism. A new type of insulating material is used to fill the gap between the arc extinguishing chamber and the porcelain bottle, which not only plays a role in insulation but also solves the condensation problem. The insulation has the characteristics of good insulation performance and high temperature resistance. The shortcomings of high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers are high one-time investment and high maintenance costs; and its advantages are as follows.

(1). Simple structure, less maintenance and repair work.

(2). Long service life and reliable operation.

(3). It can be operated frequently without noise.

(4). The vacuum arc extinguishing effect is good, and the arc is not exposed.

(5). There is no danger of explosion.

It is widely used.