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What are the safety issues of high voltage circuit breakers?

By:Nader Updated:August 12,2020 11:53AM

Breakers are generally should be mounted vertically; linkage-phase circuit breaker, the level of error should not exceed 2mm; contact points, the same period of engagement should meet the requirements, should be aligned with the centerline of contact, there can not open and close jamming; should to ensure adequate contact pressure, contact pressure of each phase, and the phases should be uniform contact pressure; and a circuit breaker drive mechanism, buffers, etc. to be securely installed, must be reliable mechanical connection (screw connection spring washer should wins), the operation must be flexible, not a "rebound" phenomenon.

Oil circuit breaker is potentially explosive device.

To prevent explosion breaker, should breaking current according to a rated voltage, rated current and rated circuit breaker and the correct choice of parameters should be maintained at normal operating state of the breaker.

High voltage circuit breaker must be used in tandem with the high pressure isolation switch, making and breaking a current from the power supply cut off by the latter of the former.

Running respective electrical contacts high voltage circuit breakers should not be overheated, the insulating ceramic surfaces should be kept clean, without traces of discharge can not be cracked or damaged, the oil level, oil color should be normal, there should be no oil leakage, oil leakage, transmission section should normally not fall off the pin, the drive rod without cracks or damage; points, closing the circuit should be kept in good condition, the control power supply and its operation should maintain normal fuse, the relevant instruments, lights, and other members should be maintained indicating no normal. Inspections are carried out inspection and maintenance should be required for the operation of the high voltage circuit breaker.

In the maintenance work in order to prevent accidental power circuit breaker, the circuit breaker manually warning signs to be engaged, electrically operated circuit breakers should be disconnected operating power. Before closing power transmission, protection devices should check whether the circuit breaker is in the use position, in order to cut off the power in case of an accident.