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What are the arc extinguishing methods of circuit breakers?

By:Nader Updated:August 13,2020 17:33PM

Breaker interrupter way roughly divided into two ways.

1. Formula horizontal arc blow. With horizontal blowing interrupter switch, when opening the movable, stationary arcing contacts separate, the heat of vaporization and decomposition of the oil. The pressure in the arc chamber rapidly increases, when the air cushion pressure, storage pressure, when the movable contacts to continue the movement, when the spout is opened, high pressure oil and gas discharged from the discharge port, the lateral blowing extinguishing the arc elongated, cooled extinguished. E.g. SN1.2-10 type is the cross-arc blows out oil switch.

2. The longitudinal arc blow type. With longitudinal blowing interrupter switch and a movable contact, and fixed contacts constituting the intermediate arcing arc path. Interrupter chamber is divided into two parts an upper half and a lower half-chamber, the upper half of the chamber is made of metal, the lower chamber is a semi-insulating material, a hole communicating between the two half-chambers. Movable contact is a metal guide rod, when the sub-gate, electrically, intermediate and fixed contacts opened first, and then the movable contact and the intermediate contact again turned off, and the intermediate and fixed contacts when breaking the instant when "excitation arc" is formed first, chamber pressure surge in the upper half, the upper pressing piston interrupter moving contact continues to move downward, "blown arc" will be formed, and when the movable contact a separate intermediate contact pressure "excitation arc" is formed so that the oil discharge chamber from the tube, the "blow-out was" split into many small arc, so that the cooled and extinguished.