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How to safely open and close the circuit breaker?

By:Nader Updated:August 25,2020 18:08PM

The opening and closing of the circuit breaker when the power is turned off and the power transmission and closing have very strict operating system and specification requirements. It is a part of the safe operation and management of electricians and is very important.

Strict inspections are required for closing and power transmission. Carefully confirm that the accident has been truly eliminated. When the closing conditions are safe, power transmission and closing are performed in accordance with the closing specifications and operating procedures.

There are also strict requirements and operating systems for power outages, not as random as the editor said. All electric fox flash explosions that occur when the switch is opened and closed are caused by the operator's carelessness or failure to complete the safety inspection work, which violates the operating regulations. Furthermore, the operator has a work ticket system, and cannot be replaced or arbitrarily assigned to others, and cannot be irresponsible. If an accident occurs, the responsible person cannot be exempted.

Pulling and closing causes arcing because the larger the load, the stronger the arc, and the momentary strong arc or detonation is because the offline load is too large. At the moment of pulling and closing, the knife gap current breaks through the air and shoots a strong arc. If it is divided into three-level electric box and first-level pull and close, in theory, safe operation needs to pull the load from the third level first, then pull the second level, and finally pull the first level. Because at this time, there may be multiple secondary and tertiary electrical boxes under the primary electrical box, carrying multiple loads at the same time, and the current is very large. The working conditions of low-voltage electric workers, especially the three-compartment electrical machinery such as factories, have high loads and high power, so be careful.