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How to install a household circuit breaker?

By:Nader Updated:August 17,2020 15:47PM

Wiring method of air switch:

If there are 3 wires from the electric meter to the home, red and blue flowers, you can use an air switch with leakage protection as the master switch (A0), and there are three ordinary air switches to control the lights at home (A1). , Air conditioner (A2), socket (A3). Viewed from the front, there are two wiring posts above A0, an N symbol is engraved on the right, and two wiring posts are engraved on the bottom, and an N symbol is engraved on the right; A1, A2, and A3 are the same, with the upper and lower sides respectively A terminal block.

How to wire these air switches to form a safe circuit?

The wiring method is as follows:

The three wires coming in from the outside are distinguished as follows: the red live wire (L), the blue neutral wire (N), and the flower wire are ground wires (E/PE/G/GND), and the ground wires are usually yellow and green. If you want to install an indoor circuit, then the wires of your indoor circuit should also use these three colors of wires accordingly; the switch should be installed on the front, the upper end is the incoming wire, and the lower end is the outgoing wire. Generally, the ground wire does not enter the switch.

Household electricity should be wired in accordance with the open circuit, power socket circuit, air conditioning circuit, and separate wiring. When one of the circuits (such as the socket circuit) fails, the other circuits can still supply power normally. The socket circuit requires an air switch to install a protective device to prevent the leakage of household appliances from causing personal electric shock.

1. Connect indoor line

1.1. The letter N is marked below and connect to the zero line (blue). All indoor zero lines are connected here.

1.2. Connect the live wire of the lighting wire (electric light) to A1 below.

1.3. Connect the live wire branch of the socket wire to A2 below.

1.4. Connect the live line branch of the air-conditioning line to A3 below.

2. Connect to the household line (the wires coming in from outside)

2.1. Connect the neutral wire to the upper N (blue)

2.2. Connect the live wire to the upper L (red)

Note: The earth wire does not need to enter the switch.

At present, there are 1-4P air switches on the market. Choose according to your own power supply mode, and then install it.

a. 1P can only protect one live wire, which is suitable for lighting or installation of low-power electrical appliances;

b. 2P protects a live wire and a naught wire, which can be connected to electrical appliances such as a 220v motor;

c. 3P protects three live wires, which are used in 380v electrical appliances, which are rarely used in general households.

d. 4P protects three live wires and one neutral wire. It is also a good choice for use on 380V electrical appliances with neutral wire as a master switch.

For installation, it is best to use a regular distribution box. If there is no distribution box, you can also purchase a card slot for fixing the air switch at the air switch store. Fix the card slot on a wooden board or a wall, and then install the air switch on it.