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How to choose a household air switch?

By:Nader Updated:August 17,2020 15:47PM

At present, we can usually see a lot of air switch products on the market, and their models are generally represented by the mother of capitals and numbers. What does this mean? Which household air switch model to choose? We must first understand these letters and numbers.

At present, the air switch models seen on the market only have C and D, right, so what do C and D mean? It is understood that C stands for lighting and D stands for power.

The air switch used in the home basically starts with DZ, generally there are C25, C32, C40, C60, C80, C100, C120 several models, where C represents the outlet current, that is, after the current and voltage reach that amount, the air The switch can be solved by itself. Under normal circumstances, the determined voltage of the air switch is greater than or equal to the rated voltage of the line, and the advantages of the rated current of the air switch and the rated current of the overcurrent release are greater than or equal to the calculated load current of the line.

If the above introduction is too abstract, then we can introduce you through a specific household air switch model:

e.g: DZ47-60A C25

DZ47-represents miniature circuit breaker

LE- stands for leakage trip function

60- represents the frame is equal to 60A

C- represents the instantaneous overcurrent multiple of the trip unit.

Through the above theories and examples, I believe you have some doubts about the air switch model, so let's introduce the installation method of the air switch!

At present, there are 1-4P air switches on the market. Choose according to your own power supply mode, and then install it.

1P can only protect one live wire, which is suitable for lighting or installation of low-power electrical appliances;

2P protects a live wire and a neutral wire, which can be connected to electrical appliances such as a 220v motor;

3P protects three live wires, which are used in 380v electrical appliances, which are rarely used in general households.

4P protects three live wires and one neutral wire. It is also a good choice for use on 380V electrical appliances with neutral wire as a master switch.

The air switch is used as a main power protection switch or branch line protection switch in the household power supply. When a short circuit or overload occurs in residential wiring or household appliances, it can automatically trip and cut off the power supply, thereby effectively protecting these equipment from damage or preventing accidents from expanding.

Households generally use two-pole (ie 2P) circuit breakers for main power protection and single-pole (1P) for branch protection. If the rated current of the circuit breaker is selected too small, the circuit breaker is likely to trip frequently and cause unnecessary power outages. If the selection is too large, the expected protection effect will not be achieved. Therefore, the correct selection of the rated capacity current of the home improvement circuit breaker is very important. important. The general miniature circuit breaker specifications are mainly divided into 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 80A, 100A, etc. by rated current.

Household air switch specifications

At present, DZ series air switches are used in families, and the following air switch specifications are common:

C16, C25, C32, C40, C60, C80, C100, C120 and other specifications, where C represents the trip current, that is, the trip current. For example, C32 indicates the trip current is 32 A. Generally, C32 is used to install a 6500W water heater, and 7500W, 8500W are installed. The water heater needs to use a C40 air switch.