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Cause analysis and treatment of air switch trip

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 12:17PM

1. Reason analysis of air switch trip failure

There are three main situations for tripping:

1.1. Where there is a problem with the line, the line is grounded, or the line meets, you can find a professional to repair it.

1.2. There are problems with the household appliances at home, so check them one by one.

1.3. Excessive current load

After eliminating the first two conditions, it can be determined that the cause of the air switch tripping is that the load current exceeds the rated current of the distribution circuit breaker or a short-circuit fault causes the grid current to increase rapidly. The circuit breaker tripping is a normal protection action. Phase load imbalance Because the current value of one phase is higher than the other two phases, the load current of this phase may exceed the rated current of the circuit breaker, that is, single-phase overload, which triggers the overload protection of the circuit breaker and causes the circuit breaker to trip.

There are generally four reasons for the air switch to trip: overload protection, circuit short circuit, leakage, and undervoltage, all of which will cause the air switch to trip.

  1. The line is aging and leakage, which will cause the live and neutral wires to have electricity. At this time, you can check the leakage protector, if it jumps, it means the electrical leakage.
  2. The load connector is not strong enough, and some electrical appliances are manually wired, and the connector is not tight.
  3. A more common situation is that the current setting value of the air switch is too low, and the power of the load is greater than the rated power of the air switch. For example, the switch value of the general electric water heater circuit should be 20A instead of the general 16A.
  4. If you make sure that there are no problems with the wiring and electrical appliances in your home, then the quality of the air switch itself is not good enough.

2. How to deal with circuit trip

2.1. First of all, we must be clear about the air switch and the air switch with leakage protection. The air switch with leakage protection is large and the air switch is relatively small. You can turn off the leakage protector and the air switch, and start closing after closing. First, close the main air switch, and then send the air switch one by one, and then close the air switch with leakage protection.

2.2. If the leakage protection switch cannot be sent up, it means there is a problem with the leakage protection switch and a new one needs to be replaced.

  • If it trips again after the leakage protection switch is put on, it indicates that there is a problem with this line.
  • If the air switch cannot be pushed up, you can just ignore it, continue to push the air switch behind, and check one by one which circuit in the house has no electricity.

2.3. The above mentioned that the air switch cannot be closed. You can first unplug all electrical plugs in the house, and then send the air switch to see the result. If the result is still not available, then turn the air switch box on Remove the cover. Separate the neutral wire and ground wire of the circuit from the bus to check whether there is leakage in the live wire.

2.4. Use an electric pen to test whether the neutral wire and the ground wire are live. If it is not a high-power electrical appliance, the neutral wire and the ground wire will not be charged.

3. Other tripping phenomena

In life, many people will encounter the problem of sudden tripping when taking a bath. As long as the bathroom heater and exhaust fan are turned on, they will automatically trip. This is generally caused by a tripping of the distribution box. The general distribution box tripping mainly has the following solutions:

3.1. Check whether the air switch is damaged

3.2. Check whether the wiring of the air switch is correct. If not, re-wire it.

3.3. Check the line insulation on the load side of the air switch. If it is short-circuited and grounded, it can be closed normally after troubleshooting. If it trips as soon as the power is supplied, it means that the line is shorted to ground.

The home circuit is very important. For the specific solution for a trip at home, for personal safety, you can contact the property or electrician to explain the situation and let the other party be prepared to deal with the problem.