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Can the leakage protector replace the air switch?

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 12:08PM

1. Leakage protector.

The leakage protector is used to protect personnel from electric shock accidents. For example, if someone gets an electric shock, the leakage protector trips and automatically shuts off the power output to avoid the expansion of the electric shock accident and cause casualties. In addition to the basic functions of the air circuit breaker, it can also quickly disconnect the switch when the load circuit has a leakage current (its leakage current reaches the set value) to avoid injury to personnel and disadvantages to electrical equipment when the load circuit leaks. influences.

Although the leakage switch has one more protection function than the air switch, it will often trip due to the possibility of leakage during operation, which will cause frequent power outages of the load and affect the continuous and normal operation of electrical equipment. Therefore, it is generally only used in temporary electricity at construction sites or in socket circuits in industrial and civil buildings.

2. Air switch

The air switch is used for overcurrent protection. If the electric circuit is overcurrent (including short circuit), if the power supply is not cut off, the electric circuit will heat up, catch fire, or produce a strong arc to ignite other flammable materials, which will cause electrical fires and expand accidents.

Air circuit breakers are generally low voltage, that is, the rated working voltage is 1Kv. The air circuit breaker is a switch device with multiple protection functions that can cut off and connect the circuit under the conditions of rated voltage and rated operating current. Its protection function type and protection mode are selected by users according to their needs. Such as short circuit protection, over current protection, shunt control, under voltage protection, etc. The first two protections are the basic configuration of air circuit breakers, and the latter two are optional functions. Therefore, the air circuit breaker can also cut off the electrical circuit in a fault state (load short circuit, load overcurrent, low voltage, etc.).

The MCB can only be used for overload and short circuit trip. The leakage switch is equipped with a set of anti-leakage device on the basis of the air switch, which can play the role of leakage trip. Play a role in protecting the safety of life and electrical equipment. Remember that the leakage switch is only used for protection when the human body touches a single wire. If the human body touches the neutral wire and the live wire at the same time, it will not provide protection.