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5 reasons for air switch tripping

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 12:17PM

What is an air switch? Everyone must feel very magical to hear this name. In fact, an air switch can also be called an air circuit breaker, which is a type of circuit breaker. It is a switch that will automatically open as long as the current in the circuit exceeds the rated current.

Air switch is a very important electrical appliance in low-voltage power distribution network and electric drive system. It integrates control and multiple protection functions. The function of the air switch is to contact and break the circuit, and it can protect the circuit from short circuit and undervoltage.

However, during the Chinese New Year or summer when electricity demand is high or home appliances are activated at the same time, the air switch in the home is always tripping and can be pushed up after it has tripped, but it will trip again after a while or a few hours. Is it the problem with the home circuit or the air switch?

Don't worry, today, Mr. Zidian will talk to you about 5 reasons why the air switch keeps tripping.

1. The current setting value of the air switch is too low, and the power of the load is greater than the rated power of the air switch. For example, the switch setting value of the cabinet air-conditioning circuit and the electric water heater circuit should be 20A, instead of the 16A of the general circuit (the same is true for the high-power Yuba).

2. The connector of the load is not very firm, and some electrical appliances that are manually wired are not tightly pressed.

3. There is a short circuit in the circuit, check whether the electrical plug is dry.

4. The line is aging and leaking, causing the live and neutral lines to have electricity. You can check the leakage protector. If it jumps, it means the electrical leakage.

5. If there is no problem with the wiring and electrical appliances in the home, then the quality of the air switch itself is not good enough.