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5 main types of circuit breakers

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 12:12PM

What are the types of circuit breakers? Next, we will introduce the 5 main types and functions of circuit breakers.

1. Miniature circuit breaker: lighting distribution circuit, short circuit and overload protection.

2. Leakage circuit breaker: In the grounding system, short-circuit overload and leakage protection. The normal operation fault protection of the circuit breaker makes the phase line and the neutral line of the circuit breaker in the disconnected state, so as to avoid the neutral line being charged when the neutral line fails. During the making and breaking operations, the neutral line has priority to make and the breaking hysteresis. With short-circuit current limiting function, high rated short-circuit breaking capacity. With overload protection, short-circuit leakage and voltage protection devices, complete protection functions, convenient and reliable wiring.

3. Surge protector: EPD plug-in type adopts the same working principle and selection criteria as fixed type surge protection. Protects against indirect lightning and direct lightning effects or other transient overvoltage surges.

4. Plastic case circuit breaker: Plastic case circuit breaker is one of the new type circuit breakers designed and developed comprehensively using international advanced technology. It is used to divide the circuit breaker with rated insulation voltage of 800V, suitable for AC 50Hz and 60Hz, rated working voltage to 690V, and rated working current from 6A to 1250A. It is used to distribute electrical energy and protect lines and power equipment from Overload, short circuit, under voltage and other faults are damaged, and it can also be used as infrequent starting of the motor and overload short circuit under voltage protection. The circuit breaker has the characteristics of small size, high breaking, short arcing (or no arcing), etc., which is an ideal product for users. The circuit breaker is installed vertically (ie vertical installation) or horizontally (horizontal installation).

5. Molded case leakage circuit breaker: used to provide indirect contact protection for people, and can also prevent fire hazards caused by equipment insulation damage and ground fault current generation, and can be used to distribute electrical energy and protect the short circuit of the overload of the line and power equipment. As the infrequent conversion of the line and the infrequent start of the motor, the conventional leakage protection module with residual current protection circuit breaker is used for sampling of two-phase power supply. This series of circuit breakers are three-phase. If one phase is missing, the circuit breaker will leak The protection module can still work normally, and the rated residual operating current and maximum disconnection time can be adjusted on site according to actual conditions.

Universal intelligent circuit breaker: It is mainly used to distribute electric energy and protect circuits and power equipment from overload, short circuit, undervoltage, single-phase grounding and other faults. This circuit breaker has multiple intelligent protection functions and can be used for selective protection. And the action is accurate, avoid unnecessary power outages, and improve the reliability and safety of power supply.