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4 ways of wiring circuit breaker

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 12:12PM

The wiring methods of the circuit breaker are front board, back board, plug-in type, and drawer type.

Circuit breaker installation method:

1. Front-board wiring: If users have no special requirements, they will be supplied in front of the board. Front-board wiring is a common wiring method.

2. Wiring mode behind the board: The biggest feature of wiring behind the board is that the circuit breaker can be replaced or repaired without rewiring, just disconnect the front-level power supply. Due to the special structure, the product has been equipped with special mounting plates and mounting screws and wiring screws according to the design requirements when leaving the factory. Special attention should be paid to the reliability of the large-capacity circuit breaker contact will directly affect the normal use of the circuit breaker, so when installing It must be taken seriously and installed strictly according to the requirements of the manufacturer.

3. Plug-in wiring: On the installation board of the complete set, first install a circuit breaker mounting seat, with 6 plugs on the mounting seat, and 6 sockets on the circuit breaker connection board. There are connecting plates on the surface of the mounting base or bolts behind the mounting base, and the mounting base is pre-connected with power lines and load lines. When in use, insert the circuit breaker directly into the mounting base. If the circuit breaker is broken, just pull out the broken one and replace it with a good one. Its replacement time is shorter than the front and back wiring of the board, and it is convenient. A certain amount of manpower is required for insertion and removal. Therefore, for Chinese plug-in products, the frame current is limited to a maximum of 400A. This saves maintenance and replacement time. When installing the plug-in circuit breaker, check whether the plug of the circuit breaker is tightly pressed, and securely fasten the circuit breaker to reduce contact resistance and improve reliability.

4. Drawer type wiring: The in and out drawer of the circuit breaker is rotated clockwise or counterclockwise by the rocker, which is used in the main circuit and the secondary circuit.

The plug-in structure eliminates the isolator necessary for the fixed type, and achieves one machine with two uses, which improves the economic efficiency of use, and at the same time brings great convenience to operation and maintenance, and increases safety and reliability. Especially the main circuit contact holder of the drawer seat can be used in common with NT type fuse circuit breaker contact holder.

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