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Nader attended SNEC 2020 in Shanghai

By:Nader Updated:August 01,2020 17:41PM




  2017April 19,SNECThe 11th SNEC (SNEC 2017) International Solar Industry and Photovoltaic Engineering (Shanghai) Expo & Forum kicked off at Shanghai New International Expo Center. 。Shanghai Liangxin Electrical Co., Ltd. (Nader) made its fourth appearance in the Expo with a series of core products and system solutions, successfully attracting many guests to stop and visit. Nader CEO Mr. Ren Silong, Executive Assistant Mr. Chen Ping and Vice President Mr. Lu Shengjiang appeared in the site in person to exchange with leaders and experts in the new energy industry and look into the future of the industry. On behalf of the Company, Executive Assistant Mr. Ding Fahui warmly received more than 100 experts and business representatives visiting the Company.




  Nader committed to industry-focused system solutions

  Nader owns a wealth of product lines and has been making unremitting endeavor to provide differentiated system solutions for different segments of the industry. It has been at the forefront of the system solutions for low-voltage electrical products in the PV power industry. At E7-260 booth, Nader displayed its most sophisticated low-voltage electrical products system solutions and products for centralized, distributed, string and box transformer substation systems, as well as three series of high-end products: NDG3-32 series isolating switches with two invention patents; NDM3Z-250V series molded case circuit breakers capable of withstanding high working voltage up to DC1500V; NDC5K series vacuum contactors with zero arc, salt-spray resistance and wide voltage.




  Nader Award at “Top 10 Highlights””,won Gigawatt Gold

  In order to draw attention to the latest and cutting-edge technologies and products presented by the exhibitors, the Organizing Committee will hold the "Top 10 Highlights at the Expo" every year, which has become an indispensable part of SNEC PV Power Expo. This year's "Top 10 Highlights" was held on April 20, and Nader was honored to be invited to participate in the competition. Mr. Yu Xianzhong, National Marketing Director of New Energy and Industrial Control Industry, gave a speech on behalf of Nader on the topic of "Innovation and Cooperation for A Bright Future". Nader won the Gigawatt Gold Award of the" Top 10 Highlights "at the SNEC Expo, with the highlight of the "Low-voltage Products Solutions for New Energy Industry".




  Nader talked about the present and the future when interviewed by media

  During the Expo, "Photovoltaic Energy Industry Observer" magazine, "China Reform Daily", "IN-EN.com" and many other media gathered at the Nader booth and Mr. Yu Xianzhong, National Marketing Director of New Energy and Industrial Control Industry accepted the interview. ,Mr. Yuanswered questions related to new energy market potential, how Nader maintains its advantages in the new energy market, how Nader serves benchmarking customers in the industry, Nader's planning for post-new energy market and personal observations of the PV industry.




  Mr. Wang Bo, Director of Nader Strategic Marketing Department and Mr. Li Fei, Development Manager of New Energy and Industrial Control Industry Design Institute, received the interview with "Solar Zoom", the largest vertical portal and photovoltaic industry Internet platform in the PV industry, and exchanged views on the latest trends of PV energy industry.




  Nader invited experts and enterprise representatives to visit the company

  With the opportunity of PV Power Expo, Nader invited more than 100 experts and enterprise representatives from the PV new energy industry worldwide to visit Nader's industrial park in Kangqiao Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Nader Executive Assistant Mr. Ding Fahui delivered an important speech and warmly welcomed the experts along with the National Marketing Director of New Energy and Industrial Control Industry, Director of Dual Power Supply and Isolating Switch Product Line, Director of Strategic Marketing Department, relevant regional directors and industry managers. The experts and enterprise representatives highly praised Nader's hardware and software strength and expressed their confidence and expectations in further cooperation with Nader after a detailed company orientation and on site observation of the production lines and laboratories.




  Nader makes breakthroughs to support "Top-Runner Program"

  2017is the third year of "Photovoltaic Products Top-Runner Program", which has driven a rapid development and industrial upgrading in the whole photovoltaic industry. Nader has actively participated in the Program and worked closely with benchmarking enterprisesincluding Sungrow Power Supply, Huawei and TBEA to promote its products in dozens of 100 megawatt photovoltaic power plants.A new round of "Top-Runner" callsNaderNader to be ready to make constant breakthroughs and support the Program.