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The difference between air switch and leakage protector

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 12:08PM

Some people say that air circuit breakers and earth leakage circuit breakers can be used together. Because the leakage circuit breaker has one more leakage protection module than the circuit breaker, the structure of the two is similar, the ordinary circuit breaker can add auxiliary components to change the leakage circuit breaker, and the leakage circuit breaker removes the leakage component to make the circuit breaker.

Is it really that simple? Let's take a look at the differences between them.

Leakage circuit breakers

A leakage circuit breaker is a switch that can automatically act when the leakage current in the circuit exceeds a predetermined value.

The principle of the leakage circuit breaker: There is a small chip in the center, and there is an output and an input current winding on the chip. If there is no leakage, the output current and the input current are equal. Once they are not equal, voltage will be generated on the secondary winding, pushing its built-in mechanism, and finally automatically tripping.

Leakage circuit breaker function: to solve the leakage problem, such as human body electric shock, the current flows to the ground through the human body, generally more than 30 mA, the leakage circuit breaker will cut off the power supply, thereby avoiding the current harm to the human body.

air switch

Air switch, also called air circuit breaker, is a type of circuit breaker, which is a switch that will automatically open when the current in the circuit exceeds the rated current.

Principle of air switch: Use air as an insulating medium, connect current in the circuit, make the component generate heat, and cause the bimetallic sheet inside to bend upward after receiving the heat, push the lever to open the locked lock and cut off the power.

Air switch function: The air switch plays a protective role with respect to the current of the large circuit. It mainly detects the short circuit in the circuit and the overload current, but it only functions as a fuse to protect the circuit from being burned.

If you find it difficult to understand, I will give you a very simple way to distinguish: the air switch is to protect the circuit from being burned out, and it is useless to protect the human body from electric shock, and the leakage circuit breaker has a very direct protective effect on the safety of human electric shock. But it will not play a big role in overloading the circuit. So you must have both switches in your home.