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Rated characteristic parameters of high voltage circuit breakers

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 11:52AM
There are many rated characteristic parameters of high-voltage circuit breakers. It is the value specified by the manufacturer for components, devices or equipment under specified working conditions. Its basic technical parameters can be used to characterize the characteristics and performance of high-voltage circuit breakers.
    GB/T 11022-1999 "High-voltage switchgear and control equipment common technical requirements" and DL/T 593-1996 "High-voltage switchgear common ordering technical guidelines", DL/T 402-1999 "AC high-voltage circuit breaker ordering technology "Conditions" stipulate the classification and rated value of many parameters, some of the rated characteristic parameters are: rated voltage, rated insulation level, rated frequency, rated current, temperature rise, rated short-circuit breaking current, rated short-circuit closing current (peak), Rated short-circuit duration, rated short-time withstand (thermal stability) current, rated peak withstand (dynamic stability) current, prime-phase breaking coefficient (first open pole factor), opening time, closing time, rated operating sequence, metal short Connection time, different period of opening and closing time, rated pressure, alarm pressure, blocking pressure, relative leakage rate, rated transient recovery voltage for outgoing terminal failure, rated out-of-step breaking current, rated line charging breaking current, rated Cable charging breaking current, rated single capacitor bank breaking current, rated back-to-back capacitor bank breaking current, rated capacitor bank closing inrush current, rated small inductance breaking current, rated time parameter, closing and opening mechanism and auxiliary circuit Rated power supply voltage, rated power frequency of closing and opening mechanism and auxiliary circuit, rated pressure of operating compressed air source, etc.