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Principle of Energy Storage Switch

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 11:19AM

The so-called energy storage means that when the circuit breaker is de-energized (that is, when it is opened), it opens quickly due to the spring force of the energy storage switch. Of course, the faster the circuit breaker is opened, the better. This is to have enough power to separate the contacts when the segmentation fault has a large current (excessive current will melt the contacts).

The energy storage switch controls the start and stop of the energy storage motor. The function of the energy storage motor is to drive the energy storage mechanism to compress the spring of the closing mechanism, so that the closing mechanism spring generates a certain amount of compression energy, and the energy storage motor stops working, ready for use when the closing and tripping is required. Some are automatic energy storage, the energy storage switch will automatically store energy when the power is turned on. The contact will be opened when the energy is stored. Some with switch control can choose manual energy storage and automatic energy storage.

The energy storage switch is only used for closing the switch when the external power supply is lost. It is not used for opening operation. Therefore, after turning off the energy storage switching power supply, the energy storage switching device will not be disconnected, but it will not store energy after it is turned off.