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Fracture role of a circuit breaker & High voltage circuit breaker shunt capacitance fracture

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 15:29PM

Fracture role of a circuit breaker

First, referring Circuit Breaker. Internationally. This means that the insulation level it refers only to the interrupter circuit breaker unit in order to meet the requirements should have. When the fracture only means that only insulation from breaking role, it does not contain a guarantee "safe distance". That is, although the circuit breaker fracture in the OFF position. But not staff jobs (climbing to the device for work, etc.), this day can not afford to break "isolation." Compared to the corresponding voltage level for the disconnector. A lower insulation level.

The other is called "isolated from the role of insulation level off day." You Jane "isolated fracture," This fracture fracture insulation insulation required by the disconnect switch. When the circuit breaker having such a level, it can play the role of the disconnector (but must be "visible fracture." Ding and not fracture or fracture limit electrical capacitance). Therefore, the provisions in this regard were the insulation level of the voltage level of the circuit breaker. Generally speaking. Difficult to distinguish on the run: what is not required to play a role in isolation, and under what circumstances and requirements isolated from the role, but the two systems for contact breakers must use the "isolation break." Come out of a product, when used dry Wan poor do not. When the product is provided in a fixed configuration to meet the various requirements, always prefer to fracture as the insulating horizontal "isolated fracture" in. However, when the voltage exceeds a certain level, this is not the economy, because sometimes too much increased dimensions.

High voltage circuit breaker shunt capacitance fracture

hyperbaric Circuit Breaker should be no shunt resistance, and shunt capacitance only. If there is a parallel resistor circuit breaker chamber, and that the circuit is always turned on, the circuit breaker out of action; multiple parallel capacitance circuit breaker for multi fracture, pressure equalization is to play the role of holding a plurality of fracture equal distribution voltage, the common there SW2-220.

110kV and above voltage level circuit breakers generally employ a plurality of modular structure interrupter (fracture) in series. Although each interrupter same internal structure, the arrangement is symmetrical, but because of capacitance to ground, each of the fracture recovery voltage distribution in the circuit breaker and the breaker during breaking position at the time of the voltage distribution of fracture are It is not uniform. Therefore, each of the multiple fracture fracture breaker to breaker capacitors connected in parallel, each voltage distribution fracture. In addition, the circuit breaker may also reduce the rate of rise of the capacitor voltage is restored. Can improve the working conditions of the arc chamber, greatly improving the interrupter circuit breakerperformance.

It should be said that are aimed at reducing arc formation between contacts of the switch is turned off when the switch is turned off. The switch is closed, it does not eliminate the role of spark. Since the switch contact circuit, often belong to the inductive load, an arc current of inductive load can not be mutated because, thus formed between the two contacts when the power is turned off, on the one hand the arcing damage to the contacts action (easy to pull into a burr), on the one hand affect the circuit disconnection time, after adding the capacitor, since the voltage across the capacitor can not be mutated, so that the voltage across the contacts can not be mutated, so there is no spark is formed, has protective contact the point of action and timely breaking the circuit.