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Common faults and treatment methods of automatic air switches

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 11:21AM
See the table for the cause of the failure of the automatic air switch and the treatment method.


The reason

processing method

manually broken

path is not closed

1. No voltage or undervoltage release line

ring damage.

2. Storage spring deformation, resulting in closing

force is reduced.

3. Reaction spring force is too large.

4. Refastenable mechanism can not be reset

1. Check the line, a voltage is applied, or more

In other coil.

2. Replace the energy storage spring.

3. Re-adjust the spring reaction force.

4. Adjustment button again contact surface to a predetermined value

has a phase contacts

can not be closed

1. A general circuit breaker connected

Rod Fracture.

2. May be the link between the angle repellent repellent limiting circuit breaker opening mechanism


1. Replace connecting rod.

2. Adjusted to a predetermined value of the original technical conditions

Shunt trip

does not cause the circuit breaker


1. Shorted coil.

2. Supply voltage is too low.

3. Then buckle the contact surface is too large.

4. Loose screws

1. Replace the coil.

2. Replace the power supply voltage.

3. readjust.

4. Tighten

undervoltage tripping

can not make the interruption

is breaking

1. Reaction force of the spring becomes smaller.

2. The stored energy is released, the energy storage

or smaller spring break.

3. The jam

1. Adjusting spring

2. Adjust or replace the energy storage spring.

3. Eliminating the cause for death card (e.g., rust)

The starter motor

Now the circuit breaker


1. Overcurrent release instantaneous tuning

is too small.

2. Release some parts damaged,

The semiconducting device, damage to the rubber film.

3. The reaction force spring release or rupture


1. Instantaneous setting value adjustment.

2. Replace the release or replacement of damaged


3. Replacing or replace the spring

breaker is closed


by a certain time

Self breaking

1. Overcurrent release the whole long time delay

value does.

2. Thermal electric element or a semiconductor delay

Change channel member

1. readjust.

2. Replace

breaker temperature


1. The contact pressure is too low.

2. Excessive wear or contact surfaces of the contact



3. Two conductor parts connecting screws


4. The contact surface oil oxidation

1. Contact pressure adjustment or replacement

the spring.

2. Contact replacement or cleaning contact surface,

can not be replaced by, had to replace the entire broken


3. Tighten.

4. Remove oil or oxide layer

undervoltage tripping

Noise Big

1. Reaction spring too much pressure.

2. With oil core face.

3. Short ring broken

1. readjust.

2. Remove grease.

3. Replace the armature or core

Auxiliary switch


1. The auxiliary switch movable contact death

or off.

2. Auxiliary switching transmission rod breakage or

off the roller.

3. Oxidation does not contact or contacts

1. Set right or re-installed contact bridge.

2. Replacement or replacement of the auxiliary drive rod


3. Adjusting contacts clean oxide film

Circuit Breaker

often self-breaking

1 . Leakage current changes.

2. A drain line

1. Send factory recalibration.

2. Looking reasons, such as insulated wire lines

damaged, replacement

Circuit Breaker

can not be closed

1. Damage to the operating mechanism.

2. Leakage somewhere on the line or the ground

1. Sent to the manufacturer for repair.

2. Elimination or ground fault at the drain