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Causes of current noise in the circuit breaker

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 11:29AM

The contact is not in good contact. After the power failure, the incoming and outgoing wires must be tightened again.

There may be a quality problem with the air switch itself. It is recommended that you replace it with a larger capacity air switch, and then be sure to plug in the grounding plug instead of breaking it aside.

1. The overcurrent trip coil of the air switch is connected in series in the main circuit. When a large current is passed, the armature of the trip coil will be attracted by the magnetic field. Since the current has not reached the strength of the trip, the armature will vibrate back and forth under the action of the magnetic field and the spring and make obvious noises (current sound) .

2. It is normal that the air switch emits obvious electromagnetic noise, which appears near the rated current of the air switch. At this time, you should pay attention: do not start other electrical appliances at the same time, otherwise, it is easy to cause the current to exceed the rated current value of the air switch and trip.

The air switch is used for circuit protection. Once a short circuit accident occurs, the circuit will be disconnected. Because air is used as the arc extinguishing medium, it becomes an air switch. The basic principle is that the short-circuit current is much greater than the normal load current. The short-circuit current causes the trip unit to trip, and the moving contact is separated from the static contact under the action of the spring, causing the circuit to be disconnected.