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7 issues that must be paid attention to when maintaining low-voltage circuit breakers

By:Nader Updated:September 08,2020 18:25PM

Proper use and maintenance of low voltage circuit breakers must pay attention to the following 7 issues:

(1). The circuit breaker according to the provisions vertical small for connecting wires must meet the requirements.

(2). Release setting values ​​are not arbitrarily change once after a good tune, but it should be regularly checked, so as not to trip malfunction or does not work. After long-term use to check whether its spring rusty stuck, so as not to affect its operation.

(3). The circuit breaker breaking short-circuit currents, in the case of higher power cut, timely check contacts. If there is a serious electrocautery marks, dry cloth wipe; singeing contact if found, can be carefully fine sandpaper or a file trimming lines. However, the main contact is generally trimmed with a file are not allowed.

(4). The action should be regularly removed dust values ​​and examine the various releases of the circuit breaker operating mechanism in the transmission portion is usually every two filling oil.

(5). Or long-term use interrupter breaking short-circuit currents, the metal particles should be removed on the interior wall of the interrupter and the gate sheet and a black ash, in order to ensure good insulation.

(6). The work can not be removed when the arc chute, the arc chute damage should be replaced to avoid a short-circuit accident current occurs not be extinguished.

(7). Check the current setting value and the delayed release of the respective periodic; release for a semiconductor, it should periodically check the operation of the case with the test button.