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3 types of circuit breakers

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 11:52AM

General household air switches refer to miniature circuit breakers.Mainly 10A, 16A, 32A, 40A, 63A and other specifications, divided into single pole and two poles , Three poles.

Generally speaking, air switches are divided into roughly three types and three disconnection methods.

Magnetic component space:

First of all, the first type of air switch is a protection device that uses electromagnetic circuit breakers. Magnetism and electricity generation is an important theoretical common sense in physics. Similarly, when the current in the circuit exceeds or reaches the rated value, the magnetic circuit breaker of the air switch will generate a strong enough magnetic force to attract the switch to reset Operate to realize disconnection. The magnetic air switch is also the type of air switch that we can easily understand its working principle. It has a wide range of applications, but everyone knows that since it produces a magnetic effect, the air switch will produce around it when it is working normally. Magnetic field, and magnetic field is harmful to the human body. Therefore, the safety of the air switch is relatively low.

Thermal element air switch:

The thermal element air switch is a type of air switch that uses heat to deform the switch to complete the circuit break. Usually it is used in conjunction with a magnetic air switch to achieve the function of double insurance. When the current in the circuit reaches the rated value but the magnetic switch does not break, the thermal switch will be deformed due to the amount of heat to disconnect the circuit and ensure the safety of the circuit.

Multiple trip air switch:

The trip mechanism is a linkage device in an air switch. The above-mentioned trip mode of the thermal element principle to perform the circuit-breaking operation is an inverse time action, that is, the heat generated by the electric energy causes the bimetallic sheet to bend and prompt the tripper to act. In addition, this trip mode also has an instantaneous operation mode. The iron core is connected to the related iron mechanism. When the current reaches the rated value, it will prompt the trip unit to actuate the circuit breaker.

In terms of disconnection methods, air switches are generally divided into these three types. Of course, in order to maximize the functional integrity and safety of the air switches, the current air switches basically use these three methods for mutual cooperation. of.

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