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3 reasons for the accidental tripping of circuit breakers

By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 11:18AM

The main reason for Ontripping: misoperation, the trip actuator itself, the electrical secondary circuit.

1. When Ontripping, should first check whether staff misuse. Staff misuse There are two cases: one is a mistake; the second is on the way back due to improper protection safeguards and causing malfunction.

2. If not misuse, you should check the operating mechanism is defective. For example, the circuit breaker tripping tripping mechanism is faulty, or whether due to external vibration caused by the automatic circuit breaker tripped.

3. The inspection actuator properly, it may be caused by two ground points automatically trip the circuit breaker, or the short-circuit operation circuit, or the operation of some circuit elements, such as poor anti-jumping operation occurs properties relay circuit breaker caused by false tripping. If the checking operation by the good state of the insulation circuit, to deal with the protection devices for inspections malfunction of the protection device is automatically trip the circuit breaker. In order to ensure power supply to the user, in the automatic trip circuit breaker, can be manual or automatic reclosing means closing.

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