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NDQ3A Series Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment
By:Nader Updated:May 15,2020 17:52PM


The automatic transfer switch is composed of one or more switching devices for automatically disconnecting the load circuit from one power supply and connecting it to another electrical appliance. To be designed in strict accordance with national standards, NDQ3A series of automatic transfer switches are applicable to the power distribution system with the rated voltage of AC400V(50Hz/60Hz), which are widely used in construction, industrial control, telecommunication, power and other fields over the years, with the reliability and stability recognized by many customers.


◆ PC grade conventional products are available with thetwo-segmentand three-segment.With the adoption of the integrated design, it features simple and reliable structure as well as fast switching speed.
◆ Using the PIC single chip as the control core, the intelligent controller is powerful and easy to expand with the strong anti-interference ability.
◆Reliable mechanical interlocking device and electric interlocking protection are provided between mechanisms so as to prevent the occurrence of simultaneous closing.
◆ The product has a complete range and provides the two-segment and three-segment, simple, intelligent and other types so as to meet a variety of design applications.。


NDQ3A series of automatic transfer switch has obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for products.