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NDB6LM-40 Series Miniature Circuit Breaker
By:Nader Updated:May 15,2020 17:18PM


Used in the TT, TN-S ground system. Overload, short circuit, current leakage protection.


◆ The residual current action function is independent of the main line voltage with more reliable performance.
◆ For normal opening or fault protection tripping of the circuit breaker, the phase line and neutral line are both in the off
◆ state to avoid harm caused due to the charged neutral line faults.
◆During the connecting and breaking operation, first connect and then break the neutral
◆ line with the overload, short circuit and current leakage protection functions - full protection functions.
◆ Dual-function terminals, with convenient and reliable wiring.
◆The TH35mm standard installation rail is supported.


NDB6LM-40 series of miniature circuit breaker has obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for products and CE certification.