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NDB2LM-63 Electromagnetic Residual Current Action Circuit Br
By:Nader Updated:May 15,2020 17:18PM


Mainly applicable to the low-voltage terminal distribution system with the rated voltage of AC230/240V, AC400/415V, 50/60Hz in the industry, civil buildings, energy, communication, infrastructure and other fields Short circuit, overload, current leakage and isolation protection Provide personal protection for indirect contact Provide additional personal protection for direct contact Provide the insulation fault protection for the electrical equipment


◆  The product comprises of two parts: NDB2LM-63 current leakage protection module and NDB2-63 circuit breaker
◆  High breaking, zero flashover
◆  Safe isolation function, compact contact system structure, more reliable operation
◆  Contact status indication
◆  If the current leakage protection module is not closed, the circuit breaker will not be closed


NDB2LM-63 series of electromagnetic residual current action circuit breaker has obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for product.